The B&W Organization

The B&W organization comprises the companies B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH and B&W Embedded Solutions GmbH. Together, these companies form a unit that offers engineering services along the entire development process.

Engineering und
Datensysteme GmbH



B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH is an engineering service provider with the competence for complete product developments. Fields of competence are automotive engineering, medical technology and general equipment engineering.
In addition to over 60 CAD/CAE workstations, we have a prototype workshop, a measurement laboratory, an electronics laboratory and a test field for the essential assembly, measurement and testing tasks within the product development process.

Embedded Solutions



B&W Embedded Solutions GmbH was founded in 2015 deriving from the hardware and software engineering division of B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH. With the spin-off, the requirements of an increasing shift of product functions to electronics and software were met and an independent engineering service provider specialized in hardware and software development was created.



From innovation to development and product – domain specific or cross-domain

Automotive engineering

Medical technology

Equipment technology

Mechanical engineering

Thanks to our many years of experience in product development, our in-depth knowledge covers typical vehicle component requirements, comprehensive requirements engineering, specific documentation requirements, the challenge of producing large quantities in a cost-efficient manner, front-end and back-end software development, the consideration of manufacturing options, ease of assembly, knowledge of numerous development methods and processes, risk management and much more. In addition to specific product experience, we are familiar with the typical vehicle component requirements, documentation requirements, cost-effective production of large quantities, consideration of manufacturing options, ease of assembly, processes, risk management and materials.



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B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH

B&W Embedded Solutions GmbH