We are an engineering service provider with the competence for complete product developments
including mechanics, hardware and software. Our fields of expertise are automotive engineering,
medical technology and general equipment engineering.
In addition to more than 60 CAD/CAE workstations, we have a prototype workshop, a measurement
laboratory, an electronics laboratory and a test field for the essential assembly, measurement and
testing tasks in the product development process.
We employ a wide range of calculations and simulations as well as a systematic innovation process
in our development projects.
This means high-tech in every process phase combined with established methods as the basis for
your product success.
We also build drones and use them for our 30th anniversary celebrations.



B&W offers a sophisticated product development for our
customers. We use advanced methods, new technologies and
efficient processes.
Methods range from creative processes, documentation structures and simulations to functional model concepts, risk management and product validation. Technologies do not only comprise classic metal and plastic processing but also new adhesives, coatings and artificial ageing, to name but a few. And last but not least, up-to-date product knowledge in our fields of competence is a necessary prerequisite for successful development work.

Our centre managers handle the B&W know-how in your area of competence through internal and external training, trade fair visits and research. We cultivate curiosity and encourage all employees to update their knowledge and make this knowledge available in the company.
With 90 employees, we naturally reach our limits and therefore a network of efficient partners from industry and universities in the fields of simulation, prototype construction and testing is important. We maintain this network as sometimes good solutions are needed quickly, and this is only possible through continuity. With this concept, we are able to respond flexibly to your requirements, at high quality and with a broad spectrum.



Our employees experience freedom and personal responsibility with the necessary support and security. And to this end, we create a personal environment with a culture of small goodies.
The purpose of B&W is basically the intellectual value creation that is supported and secured through hardware. The cooperation of people takes place in very different ways and we have always been looking for arrangements that bring “fun” to all those who are involved.
“Fun”, however, does not refer to a non-stop party or pure wellness; “fun” is rather a challenge, great ideas, solving tricky issues together, sorting out complexity in a clever manner, recognition, self-realization, i.e. creating space for positive energy. And this is the basis of our work culture. We intend to work to a high standard in the areas of communication, methods and the use of tools. More details will be provided during a personal visit.



We constantly undergo further development and cooperate with various research institutions.
B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH

B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH