Here we lead a completely developed product into serial production. For high quantities, we support the “ramp-up”.
Supplier support
Industrialisierung LieferantenbetreuungFor us, this subject matter starts with the pre-selection and evaluation of potential suppliers. Here, we have test tasks and checklists for a structured evaluation. For special tasks, we can introduce suppliers with whom we have had positive project experience.

In the development project, we manage the interface to the supplier, whereby there is a clear demarcation for our independent decision-making scope.

For interim and final acceptance of tools, we use structured documents and processes.

Our extensive project experience helps us to identify subjective argumentations from suppliers so that individual weak points do not jeopardize product success.

Industrialisierung BemusterungWe check the first serial parts on your behalf and improve the manufacturing process together with the supplier. We check the supplier’s initial sample measurement reports and, if necessary, organise a neutral measurement.
We use your standard documents, but we can also use our own forms if required. In our small measuring laboratory, we can carry out control measurements with a 3D measuring microscope from Mitutoyo.

Wir verwenden Ihre Standard-Dokumente und können aber auch bei Bedarf eigene Formulare einsetzen. In unserem kleinen Messlabor können wir u.a. mit einem 3D-Messmikroskop von Mitutoyo Kontrollmessungen durchführen.

Process qualification
Industrialisierung ProzessqualifizierungFor series production in medical technology, processes and standard procedures must be documented. The requirements of the QM standards GMP, ISO 9000… and EN 17000… are to be included as well.

Some of these standards are already required by law; for others, corresponding regulations are expected in the foreseeable future. The Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) includes Design Qualification (DQ), Installation Qualification (IQ), Process Qualification (PQ) and Operation Qualification (OQ).

We qualify your suppliers and support you in the qualification of your suppliers.

Assembly optimization
Industrialisierung MontageoptimierungFor the series start-up of the assembly, the ramp-up of the quantities is an important component.
Here, we can support our suppliers with our extensive assembly experience.
This starts with an optimization of the layout if we have experience with comparable processes. The automated assembly of complex individual parts is another typical hurdle. Here, we can support you with small component optimizations as well as with kinematic optimizations.
Series support
Industrialisierung SerienbetreuungSeries production by a contract manufacturer is a widespread practice. Accordingly, product support from the development stage is necessary for this production type.

Here, we have experience with European and Asian manufacturers, and we can handle this for you. We know the documentation and language requirements in the usual production countries and are also able to adjust to reduced technical standards of suppliers.

B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH


  •  Functional analysis
  •  Solution finding
  •  Construction
  •  Simulation
  •  3D-CAD
  •  Prototypes


  •  Software development process
  •  Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Integration


  •  Circuit design
  •  Simulation and Testing
  •  Circuit board layout
  •  Component research
  •  Electromechanics
  •  Module procurement


  •  Contracting
  •  Innovation building blocks
  •  Verification
  •  Target cost development
  •  Project management


  •  Supplier support
  •  Sampling
  •  Process qualification
  •  Assembly optimization
  •  Series support


  •  Concept design of test
  •  Construction of test benches
  •  In-house tests
  •  Tests at the customer location
  •  Labview
  •  Evaluations


  •  Development process
  •  Requirement management
  •  Risk management
  •  Reliability engineering
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