Innovation is an important element for the lasting success of a company and is therefore an elementary methodical competence for us.

Efficient content work requires a well thought out and appropriate framework, which is considered here under the keyword “process”.

know how contractingThe clarification of the framework conditions for cooperation is the basis for the lasting satisfaction of the partners involved.
This includes information paths and frequencies, management of interfaces, milestone structures with acceptance and intervention in the event of disruptions.
And on top of this, soft facts such as customer communication culture, informal decision paths and mutual expectations in the cooperation, which are not described in the offer, but are discussed personally with pleasure by us. This enables us to efficiently integrate the results of our work into your organisation and processes.
Innovation building blocks
Innovation Prozess Innovationsbaustein
Based on many years of work in different innovative product developments, we have developed an innovation process with 6 building blocks. Depending on the problem and the constraints such as time and budget, we can set up an individual process that is based on proven modules and thus enables transparency and efficiency.
The building blocks are:

  • Target determination and delimitation with weak point analysis, target analysis and requirements list
  • Solution ideas according to the 6-3-5 method and Altschuller principles
  • Solution approach with solution catalogues, variant evaluations and morphological box
  • Solution validation using feasibility studies, simulations and installation space studies
  • Solution optimization based on technology research and reverse engineering
  • Solution implementation with concept design and detail design
Innovation Prozess_ VerifizierungFor us, this refers to solution validation and verification using risk management, simulation and testing based on prototypes.

We are familiar with the requirements and processes of product development in the automotive industry and in medical technology.

Target cost development

Innovation Prozess ZielkostenentwicklungA key success factor for a new product are the selling price or the manufacturing costs. Depending
on the sales price, Marketing calculates a sales potential. We have experience in manufacturing
cost controlling during product development and are therefore able to control your product
development transparently within a cost window.
It is not always possible to represent all marketing requests within the target framework, which sometimes leads to tough discussions.

We moderate for you an information and decision-making process with systematics and transparency for all participants, which combines a good decision- making quality with a reliable support.

Within this framework, we also set up ratio projects for you, take over the organisation, management and work packages, including e.g. research and concepts.

Project management
Innovation & Prozess Projektmanagement BWIf required, we plan and control the complete product development process for you. We plan the
project according to structure and milestone schedules, monitor the costs and serve the interfaces to
other development partners and suppliers.

Our standard tool is MS-Project™, but we also work with your tools if this is requested by you or if it simply makes more sense.

Experience shows that MS-Project™ alone is no guarantee of success. Experience with products and processes and, in particular, in dealing with people are the factors for a successful project. We control content, results, costs and deadlines. And we also look after emotions and needs in the terms of project success.

In addition, we have experience in setting up teams according to the necessary rules of the game as well as tried and tested procedures for the preparation, implementation and follow-up of project team meetings and presentations.

B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH


  •  Functional analysis
  •  Solution finding
  •  Construction
  •  Simulation
  •  3D-CAD
  •  Prototypes


  •  Software development process
  •  Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Integration


  •  Circuit design
  •  Simulation and Testing
  •  Circuit board layout
  •  Component research
  •  Electromechanics
  •  Module procurement


  •  Contracting
  •  Innovation building blocks
  •  Verification
  •  Target cost development
  •  Project management


  •  Supplier support
  •  Sampling
  •  Process qualification
  •  Assembly optimization
  •  Series support


  •  Concept design of test
  •  Construction of test benches
  •  In-house tests
  •  Tests at the customer location
  •  Labview
  •  Evaluations


  •  Development process
  •  Requirement management
  •  Risk management
  •  Reliability engineering
B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH