Initially, this was a basis for B&W engineering and data systems. In the meantime, it has grown into an extraordinarily extensive portfolio.
Functional analysis
Mechanik FunktionsanalyseAt the beginning of the development, the purpose of the product to be developed has to be determined. The implementation of the purpose is described in the first step in construction, the analysis of primary functions, also called elementary functions. Our experience has shown that this step is not always pursued consistently in development projects. This may lead to increased time and cost requirements if additional functions have to be implemented during the design phase.

With our methodology, which has proven successful in many projects, we included the functions in structural schedules. This enables us to estimate the extent to which we can use existing solutions and technologies or are required to find new solutions or technologies.

Solution finding
Mechanik LösungDepending on the scope of the development task, we set up an extensive innovation process together with you (see "Innovation") or we develop solution proposals with evaluations in a compact structure, from which we derive device concepts via morphological boxes.

If needed, we can also carry out patent searches for you here. In any case, we offer you a systematic documentation of the solutions and also of the solution evaluations and, consequently, you have easy access to the developed idea potential if required. From this, you will then be able to efficiently derive alternative solutions and solution combinations.

Mechanik - Konstruktion

This is where the translation of concepts into real dimensions begins. The overall concept for design products is coordinated with the industrial design and meets the requirements for manufacturability (demoulding, surfaces, materials). The functions are ensured by tolerance calculations and strength calculations. The result is a complete development documentation with 3D CAD data, product drawings, part specifications and parts lists.

Simulation ColorThe importance of simulation in the product development process is constantly increasing. This is
reflected in our wide range of services. Software on Demand gives us affordable access to high-quality tools today. If complex tools are used rarely (e.g. acoustic simulation), we rely on our partner network.

We offer:

FE analyses

  • Component design with linear and non-linear material behaviour
  • Thermal and mechanical loads
  • Plastic component deformation and setting behaviour
  • Tolerance-related worst-case models

Drop test simulations
Directed and free drop tests for

  • Systems and equipment
  • Subassemblies
  • Components in early stages of development
  • Estimation of critical components

Bauteil- und Baugruppenoptimierung
Optimization regarding weight, stiffness, installation space, manufacturability

Three-dimensional tolerance analyses
Arithmetic and statistical tolerance analyses for

  • Different tolerance strategies
  • Arbitrary component sizes
  • Finished products in case of assembly/manufacturing problems
  • Finished products in case of complaints
  • Products in the development phase
  • Deformable components such as springs

Collision and functional analyses
Multi-body simulations for

  • Arbitrary component sizes
  • Complex mechanisms
  • Feasibility studies
  • Products in the development phase
  • Assemblies with deformable components such as springs
  • Tolerance-related worst-case models
Skills Mechanik 3D CADDevelopment and design with “your” CAD system is standard for us. We have many years of
experience in the current systems such as CATIA, ProE, Unigraphics NX, SolidWorks, …

Complex products require professional tools for the development. We have been using these tools for over 20 years at a high performance level, e.g. for design areas, assembly concepts and kinematics studies.

Together with our customers, we develop strategies for the optimal implementation of a product in the relevant CAD system. The focus is on the efficient modelling of individual parts and assemblies so that changes can be implemented promptly and cost-effectively in all development phases.

We build functional models and prototypes in all project phases.

Initial studies on the feasibility of individual functions require functional models well before the CAD modelling of the actual product. With the help of an established network for the production of prototype individual parts, we provide functional samples flexibly and quickly that can be used for initial verifications. If required, we optimize the delivered individual parts and assemble the functional samples in our own workshop. Turning, grinding and painting are likewise possible there.

With existing CAD data for the complete product, sample parts can be accomplished before series production, which cannot be distinguished from serial parts at first glance. With our network, we can use all available prototyping procedures for you and build prototypes that are close to series products for trade fairs, first field tests and for the final approvals by the management.

For individual prototypes, we use our own workshop, for larger quantities we use our suppliers in view of cost and efficiency advantages.
Consequently, we are able to also deliver small series for you.

B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH


  •  Functional analysis
  •  Solution finding
  •  Construction
  •  Simulation
  •  3D-CAD
  •  Prototypes


  •  Software development process
  •  Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Integration


  •  Circuit design
  •  Simulation and Testing
  •  Circuit board layout
  •  Component research
  •  Electromechanics
  •  Module procurement


  •  Contracting
  •  Innovation building blocks
  •  Verification
  •  Target cost development
  •  Project management


  •  Supplier support
  •  Sampling
  •  Process qualification
  •  Assembly optimization
  •  Series support


  •  Concept design of test
  •  Construction of test benches
  •  In-house tests
  •  Tests at the customer location
  •  Labview
  •  Evaluations


  •  Development process
  •  Requirement management
  •  Risk management
  •  Reliability engineering
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