Systems engineering and quality management are central elements of the development process. We cover many standard methods from the definition of requirements to the control of series production. With our know-how, we are also
able to optimize your methods and processes together with you.
Development process
Development processTypically, a product idea from marketing or an interesting technological concept for a product marks the beginning. We are able to accomplish series-ready products by using these ideas from analysis and feasibility through to industrialization.

Based on the experience of many product developments, we have built up and continuously developed the individual phases of our development process. We can draw on a wealth of experience from a wide range of products.

For medical technology, the product development process includes a list of documents required to approve each milestone.

Of course, we also implement the requirements of your development process in the development of products.

Requirement management
Qualitätsmanagement- AnforderungsmanagementRequirement management is increasingly applied in complex development projects. A prerequisite
for a successful development project is the complete definition of customer requirements.

The tested user requirements are derived from the customer requirements. This allows changes to the requirements and their effects on the trades to be controlled and monitored in the course of the development phases. Here, we have experience with the common tools for requirements management (Polarion, DOORS).

We have used a systematic change management system for many years, since we mainly work in fixed-price projects. This offers a plannable and calculable situation for all partners involved. Here, too, we adapt to the method and documentation in your company, including the typical change request systems.

Risk management
Systemengineering und Qualität - RisikomanagementAn effective risk management process is an integral part of every product development. We accompany your requirements from planning through analysis and evaluation to risk assessment and assessment of the residual risk.
For product developments in medical technology, we work according to DIN EN ISO 14971:2013.

For many years, we have conducted system, design and process reviews, technical design reviews and FMEAs in the automotive industry, medical technology and power tools sectors. Here, we likewise use established tools.

In addition, we introduce FMEA and other quality methods in your company, if required, and train your employees to use these methods independently.

Reliability engineering
Systemengineering und_Qualität Reliability Engineering BWThe reliability of a product is essentially determined by the quality of its development. On the one hand, we consider the design under the aspect of reliability. These include methods such as Design Review, FMEA or DRBFM, but also virtual product development tools and the simulation of production aspects.

We perform robustness analyses using DoE (Design of Experiments), where experience from predecessor products or similar products may likewise contribute to the overall result.

Reliability engineering includes the planning, execution and evaluation of reliability tests, such as HALT (High Accelerated Life Test) or HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening). We expose the systems to extreme thermal, mechanical and product-specific stress characteristics and situations.
This occurs independently of specifications up to the malfunction or even destruction of the system unit or the physical limit of the technology of the system to be tested. The tests can be carried out during development or production to optimize existing products.

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  •  Functional analysis
  •  Solution finding
  •  Construction
  •  Simulation
  •  3D-CAD
  •  Prototypes


  •  Software development process
  •  Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Integration


  •  Circuit design
  •  Simulation and Testing
  •  Circuit board layout
  •  Component research
  •  Electromechanics
  •  Module procurement


  •  Contracting
  •  Innovation building blocks
  •  Verification
  •  Target cost development
  •  Project management


  •  Supplier support
  •  Sampling
  •  Process qualification
  •  Assembly optimization
  •  Series support


  •  Concept design of test
  •  Construction of test benches
  •  In-house tests
  •  Tests at the customer location
  •  Labview
  •  Evaluations


  •  Development process
  •  Requirement management
  •  Risk management
  •  Reliability engineering
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