Testing technology

We design and implement test systems and, if required, carry out the tests with planning and evaluation. Our focus is on tests accompanying development in the fields of automotive engineering and medical technology.
Concept design of test benches
Prüftechnik - PrüfständenConception of test systems includes mechanics, hardware and software.
We design and construct the mechanics and develop the necessary hardware and software.
The designed and realised test benches include, for example:

  • Speed sensor test bench for electrical measurements
  • Steering angle sensor test bench (reference test bench) for electrical measurements and torque measurements
  • Helium leak test bench for testing the tightness of control units
  • PCB test benches for electrical measurements by needle adapter
  • Handling test benches for endurance tests of measuring instruments
Construction of test benches
Aufbau von PrüfständenBased on an approved design, we procure purchased parts and construction parts. For complex
construction parts, we have a supplier network that specializes in this field and masters high-precision machining as well as materials that are difficult to machine. From there, we receive occasional ideas for system optimization, which we are happy to incorporate.

We set up the systems in our workshop and put them into operation and verify the functions. You can carry out the acceptance at your premises or at our premises.

In-house tests
Prüftechnik Prüfung im HausOur focus is on development- accompanying tests. Over the last few years, we have set up a small testing laboratory here. For the typical temperature change tests, we have two climatic chambers for temperature and humidity profiles with a chamber size of 50 x 60 x 90 cm in our laboratory.

In addition, we have simple apparatuses for tensile force and torque measurements that can be configured for individual testing. There are also test systems for the operation of keypads and handling systems, e.g. for opening flaps.

With our test laboratory, we also offer you the possibility to use your test benches in our company to carry out tests with data evaluation for you. We can also design, install and operate automated tests, e.g. based on LabVIEW™.

Tests at the customer location
Prüftechnik - Prüfungen bei Kunden If tests require complex testing facilities, we are usually unable to carry them out in-house.

For relevant projects, our employees will come to your premises. We have more than 50 man-years experience with the planning, control, evaluation and documentation in the automotive industry. We know typical specifications, test requirements, test plans and the procedures of industrial testing.

Labview Blockdiagramm

This is clearly our favourite tool for the control of individually constructed test systems.
We have a comprehensive experience with this tool and appreciate the flexibility and the wide range of applications.

Examples are PCB test benches and also the control of mechanical movements, which simulate e.g. the complex motion and force progressions of an intuitive hand movement. In addition, there are user-friendly menus and automated evaluations.

Here, we also offer you the delivery of the isolated LabVIEW™ application for your test system.

Skills Prüftechnik AuswertungWe create evaluations within the framework of your standards so that our work results can be smoothly integrated into your company. If we are independent, we create simple reports using MS-EXCEL™.

For large amounts of data, we have tools based on MS-EXCEL™ and MS-ACCESS™ for an automated evaluation, which we can adapt for individual tasks and thus achieve a high efficiency in the evaluation. Of course, we also frequently use MATLAB™ as a tool for the evaluations.

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  •  Functional analysis
  •  Solution finding
  •  Construction
  •  Simulation
  •  3D-CAD
  •  Prototypes


  •  Software development process
  •  Architecture
  •  Implementation
  •  Testing
  •  Integration


  •  Circuit design
  •  Simulation and Testing
  •  Circuit board layout
  •  Component research
  •  Electromechanics
  •  Module procurement


  •  Contracting
  •  Innovation building blocks
  •  Verification
  •  Target cost development
  •  Project management


  •  Supplier support
  •  Sampling
  •  Process qualification
  •  Assembly optimization
  •  Series support


  •  Concept design of test
  •  Construction of test benches
  •  In-house tests
  •  Tests at the customer location
  •  Labview
  •  Evaluations


  •  Development process
  •  Requirement management
  •  Risk management
  •  Reliability engineering
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